Madstar Mobile Monitor

Our wireless customers may now get a highly advanced online account with Madstar Monitor.


Call recording, remote camera and micraphone controls, SMS tracker, monitor your IM's/Skype/Viber/Facebook and more.

Location Tracking

Are your employees where they say they are? Is your family home safe? Pinpoint their exact location or track their previous history.


Madstar Mobile customers can get over 150 features in their online account. Features that no other wireless would think of offering.

Security & Annominity

Business and Family accounts can monitor phones and get the data you need right on your computer or Madstar Mobile device.

Do you own or manage a business? People respect what you inspect! Preemptively know and resolve conflicts before they happen.


Have the piece of mind knowing that you can protect yourself and your business from dishonest employees.

Remote Listening

Remote record and listen through your phone’s speakers to find your lost or misplaced device.

Camera Control

Take remote control of your phone’s camera to view and take pictures when your device is lost or stolen.

Password Cracker

Read or reset the passcodes & passwords on your devices, so you can gain access to services again.

How It Works

If your wireless services is with Madstar Mobile, thank you! As you already know,  we are grateful to serve you and your confidence in us is humbling. You may now request and try Madstar Monitor for an advanced account online for free without any setup or installation fees.

If you’re not a Madstar Mobile customer. Well, then you are missing out and most likely paying way to much! You can switch and keep your existing phone and number, or get new ones. We are a wireless carrier who provides unlimited talk, text & data with the same coverage as other major carriers. View our coverage map at the link below.

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Take a Look at The Screenshots & Features

landing_pic21Family & Business Plans

Manage multiple Madstar Mobile devices in the same account. Android, Apple or Windows for your phone, tablets or computers.

Protect Children

Did your child make it to school or home from school? Where are they now? Monitor your kids mobile phone and understand their world.

Monitor Employees

Cell phone monitoring just got easier. See where your employees are, monitor your business and protect your intellectual property.

Choose Your Madstar Monitor Plan

Advanced Account
per month
  • SMS & MMS Details
  • Call & Keylogger Keeper
  • Location Tracking & History
  • Calendars, Apps & Browser Activity
  • AES/PKI/HTTPS Security Encryption
  • Android, Apple or Blackberry Devices
  • Hidden Application and MUCH MORE
Professional Installation
  • Complete Madstar Monitor Installation
  • Rooting Android Devices
  • Jailbreaking IOS Devices
  • Features Setup & Activation
  • 1, 3 or 12 Month Warranty
  • Premium & Priority Service
  • Money Back Guarantee
Pro Rooted Account
per month
  • Everything in Advanced Account
  • Call, Ambient & VOIP Recording
  • Remote Speaker & Camera Controls
  • View Activity & IM's in Whatsapp/FB/Skype
  • Robust Features to Keep/Remove Records
  • Password/Passcode Cracker & Spoofing
  • Complete Anonymity & MUCH MORE

It is the responsibility of the Madstar Mobile/Monitor user to ascertain and obey all applicable laws regarding use of the robust features available.

Are you ready to get remote controls and access with the advanced account features?